the year the first-order

Morass [the situation in the Middle East] fight of terrorism and ...

the year the first-order Confusion spread in the ego of the following powers fight quagmire [Middle East] terrorism and national What's in the Middle East to confusion being questioned right now is the [national]? Fundamental problem. The emergence of the Caliphate state that IS is, it is inevitable recoil of history. The emergence of the Caliphate State IS is, I recoil of history Iraq and ruled under the control of the vast area that spans Syria, 0 years to Islamic extremists unilaterally declare the establishment of the Caliphate State organization Islamic State (IS). Expand the coalition of the willing in mopping-up operations of the Iraqi forces and the US military-led for, and gradually recapture the strategic point of under IS domination, finally has entered the largest city in northern Iraq is a base, to recapture strategy of Mosul. Security forces of Kurdish autonomy government to Iraqi government forces to Iraqi forces, have militia of Sunni and Shiite participated, it is coalition of the willing are backed up by such as the dispatch of air strikes and military adviser.
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