the year the first-order

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the year the first-order Hello everyone. I was going to the final of this series at this time, but because it is little likely story is long, we will send you to change the schedule. In the previous, he was touched for the United Kingdom of double diplomacy made a direct cause of the Palestinian problem. As a result, the Middle East or the region happened. Today First of all, we start from the Osarai. Middle East after the second World War was as follows. After all, the Ottoman = was able to separate from the Turkish Empire in such things about Saudi Arabia, other Arab settlements, without permission borders is created by speculation of the United Kingdom, France, it will be divided. Syria is of France, Iraq, Jordan Palestine as Mandates of the United Kingdom, it has been in de facto colony. United Kingdom in the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, because I always had promised the independence of the Arab nation, it will buy the anger of Arab people. On the other hand, the UK is not was because I had put out the Balfour Declaration, which sang the Zionist movement support of the Jews, we made the original trouble of Arab and Jewish of both ethnic groups.
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